Crazy Times

I don’t think I’ve had 3 hours to myself to sit and ‘do nothing’ the past two weeks, so my apologies for the delay — but I have so much to put here and the surge of entries have been written but only in my head. You’ll see what I mean very soon. For now, look around, as a question and let me get to answering them the minute I land from this flight called busy. Happy long weekend, folks! xx

When is it ever the best time to do something?

Today, I caught myself spring cleaning an inbox that had been forlorn for many, many years. After being apprehended (albeit gently) by a respectable gentleman by my spreading of an email the worst way possible: with bad content (biggest earthquake to ever hit the world, everrr) and with exposing the email addresses of those I interact with, I dropped out of it completely due to shame. I licked my paws and lived a cat’s life and stopped checking my inbox, unless put on the spot by an SMS saying ‘sent u something’.

My perception of emailing had changed as quick as the intermittently progressing and sometimes regressing nature of the internet (depending on what junk I read and the emptiness I feel afterwards), but I realise none of this altogether would be a plausible excuse for having something of this importance, slip under my nose. A good friend of mine sent me an email in 2009 — and what date is it now? I have regrets.

I have very few personal encounters with the late film critic Alexis Tioseco. I have, perhaps 2 scenarios. One was at school when he introduced himself to the freshman that I was during Freshman Week, and second when he offered me and Raya pizza when we came to visit, years later in this small world. I was never a hardcore cinema freak, for it always found its way (easily) to my heart, being that it is multi-dimensional with sound and moving pictures, and would leave me debilitated for months, and that which has destroyed me at various attempts to survive 

In that email, was something Alexis had written — at first with apprehension — but he did anyway and beautifully. One thing was apparent: he knew how to love, and he was eloquent about it, from the choice of his words to the grace and wit he applied, not forgoing the point of why it was done and what for. This piece was published way back in 2008 in Rogue Magazine and was posted some two years ago once more. I urge you to read it if you have the time, or set some time to read. It doesn’t matter if you love cinema as much as Alexis did.

The best time to do something, sometimes doesn’t matter. What matters is that you did it, and at one point, you believed in what you were doing without a doubt more than anyone else. Do that, and you have for yourself, a moment.


After half of forever, we bring you the music video that got me dancing for nearly five months, from knowing absolutely nothing at all. I would like to thank my coach Jan Cerezo, co-dancers Gio Gahol and Miguel Ignacio, most especially King Palisoc and Mara Andres – whom I’ve been throwing ideas with, the last 4 years. To Tippi Sy and Christina Dy, thank you for the lovely clothes and cheering me on, all the way through. Best of all, to Terno Recordings, Toti and the rest of Up Dharma Down for supporting my crazy idea and letting me spearhead this project and being patient with me for the results.

Without further ado, here’s the video and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it.

the psychopath inside

IMG_1397This might be a little too heavy for my first post, but I really love this book. I got it last week at Fully Booked and as I was editing this blog, I found it truly hard to take off my hands.

Having been a great fan of the neurosciences (nowadays more over psychology), I’ve always taken books of the sort quite seriously. I haven’t read a book that has led me to tell myself to stop in a very long time as it is 3 in the morning and it is a little quiet– perhaps the aiding element to my elusive focus, but that I’ve got a swelling hole in my mouth that I must put to rest so let me make this quick.

I just have to assure you this book is good and that’s all there is to it whether you prefer fiction or not. To some degree, every piece of fiction has come from a point of reality.

the molar of the story

If there’s one person you can ask about a third molar/wisdom tooth extraction who might respond with rage and/or tears, it would be me. I was created in the image of God with three impacted teeth– not to mention a doodle for a set of lower teeth (that I’m totally leaving alone btw meaning no braces). I had only ONE out of three impacted teeth taken out in 2009 and it has changed my life… and turned me into the biggest wuss, ever.

What pushed me to get surgery was the veins/roots were already too twisted and throbbing, the tooth was growing out of the gums or so it felt like. Then I checked the mirror and bam! So I went to the first dental clinic I could recall passing by in my memory because I like to generalise like that without asking around: BIG MISTAKE. But it had to be done. The pain was real and no amount of putting it off would fix it, it didn’t change certain facts like where my tooth lay or how, when it should be growing upright.

There are cons to having really bad growing impacted teeth, like have a cyst growing down there and hollowing out or eating through your jawbone (at least thats what a friend said), but that’s the worst, or it could just be growing out of the gums which is painful enough and could last a week or so and being that its lazy and grows out wrong, it pushes your other teeth to crowd the wrong way, naturally it would be harder to clean etc, etc — you get the point, its not right.

For those who haven’t had a third molar extraction, this is basically what happens: they cut your tooth into four sections, crush the two opposite ends crosswise and pick out the rest. Some use machines to do it, others do it manually – it doesn’t matter – you will have entered a world of pain and I do not recommend it to anyone! Not only that, I’ve also got myself looking like the Elephant Man for a couple more days than the said healing period which is about a week. Pretty traumatic for a first and last timer, I thought.

But it didn’t end there: they had done the sutures wrong, so for three days, I thought the headaches came along with the extraction when apparently, the sutures had been too tight. As soon as they cut it off, I instantly felt better.

So I had sworn to myself that even if I still had 2 more impacted teeth to take out, I’d never ever let anyone touch them unless I could point a gun straight at the dentist — at least several years ago. When my second third molar had started to grow this year and break out of the gums, I still managed to llet it slide and would Slurpee it all the way to oblivion. Until I could no longer ignore it. One day, we were out of Slurpees to run to. So I went to the dentist, with the fear of all the same thing happening all over again, but it had to be faced alone, my mommy wasn’t there to hold my hand. 😦 All I knew was that the first ingredient to not getting the same result was NOT to go to the same dentist again.

Then I met Dr. Arnie Navarro. A proper looking chap who asked me about my previous experience on extraction just last Sunday. I was shaking when I sat in the dentist seat Monday afternoon (I never thought I’d be afraid of anything until then), but lets just say he promised me it wouldn’t be as bad as my last experience — in fact, it took him about 10-15 minutes and there went my tooth (the entire thing, uncut). They had wrapped it for me hygienically (as I requested), took some pain meds, and went home.

I’m on my fourth day as we speak and though I still feel a bit of pain, but I did not swell at all or did I experience bleeding after the second day. It actually varies on how quick you get better (in my case I take a while, but I really expected worse. So, I am sharing this contact with you so none of you may ever go through the kicking and screaming I had to do in the wrong hands. I may have skipped some shows this week due to the pain and the recuperation I have to undergo, because you’re not supposed to sing with a hole in your mouth, unless you want me to get infected and get a dry socket or maybe die but this is way far from what I had expected, having experienced it twice.

Don’t put that tooth on hold and call this dentist now because its going to be painful either way. I don’t care if you schedule a year from now, the more important part is you know you’re not going to die in the wrong hands! The number is 0917-8053368 and the clinic is in Ortigas. I didn’t put it here on purpose so you can develop for yourself a little chit-chat with the doc. He’s really nice and straight to the point, he will tell you if you’re not going to make it.

turkey steak not bad!

If you’ve heard of someone who’s bitten off more than she could chew, that might be me. Again. Aside from the band, I have a ton of other things to take care of I honestly don’t know where the time goes anymore. I have very little time to myself when I get in, or before I get out of the house, so I always need something that’s fast and healthy. Because that would also upset my mother. But more on my mother some other time.

Here’s a quick fix: I was thinking of having pizza but didn’t have the tiime to wait for the delivery and so came the concoction that is a margherita quinoa, turkey steak (Windmill Farms) + garlic yoghurt and greens

For the quinoa, just add tomatoes and basil, parmesan cheese, a dash of salt and olive oil. Everything is to taste, I put a lot of parmesan cheese because why da hell not.

For the turkey steak, I flambé’d it and added some ricotta cheese. You can find this steak at the supermarket – no fuss, no problem. For the greens, just add some chopped garlic into the yogurt with optional olive oil plus a little bit of parsley. We finished it as fast as I made it because we’re in such a hurry. Anyhow, we are getting ready for Jake’s show at Silverlens Galleries so I guess we’ll see you there tonight!


Chow, listen, visit, wear and tear